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As  British parents strongly opposed to abortion my husband and I were very concerned to learn that many childhood vaccines are manufactured from the cell lines of aborted babies. For general information on the use of fetal tissue in vaccine manufacture, British and International information, see  Alternatives to vaccines made from aborted babies .

We have also had an increasing number of queries from other parts of the world, in particular from the USA, and as a result I have prepared this page of information for US readers. For more information and to join the campaign to make ethical vaccines available in the US please go to

Vaccines made from fetal cell lines commonly used in the US and licensed by the FDA

Note. The following list may not be complete. Please E-mail me with any other brands that you know of or if any if this information is out of date.
Disease Brand name Manufacturer  Cell lines (Human fetal)
Polio Poliovax (polio-E-IPV) Pasteur Merieux Conaught Labs USA MRC5
Measles, mumps, rubella MMR II Merck Sharp & Dohme WI-38
Rabies  Imovax HDCV 
Pasteur Merieux Connaught 
Pasteur Merieux Conaught
Hepatitis A  Havarix 
Smithkline Beecham 
Chickenpox Varivax MSD WI-38


The following vaccines do not use fetal cell lines. L= licensed by FDA  UL= not licensed by FDA (I do not know if it is possible to obtain unlicensed vaccines in the US. Please E-mail me if you know about this. Also please let me know if there are any more suitable alternatives and any import companies able to supply them.)
Disease  Brand name Company Cell line
Polio IPOL (L
Orimune (L)
Pasteur-Merieux Connaught 
Lerderle Labs
Monkey kidney & calf serum 
Monkey Kidney cells
Mumps Mumpsvax (L) Provaccine, Switzerland 
Merck Sharpe & Dohme USA
Chick embryo
Measles Attenuvax (L) Merck sharpe & Dohme USA
Rubella Takahashi Strain (UL) Kitasato Institute Rabbit Kidney
Rabies (RVA )(L
RabAvert (PECE) (L)
Smithkline -Beecham 
Chirion Bering Gmbl & Co
Rhesus Monkey 
Chick embryo
Hepatitis A Aimmugen (UL) Chemo-therapeutic Institute Japan (Kaketsuken) Monkey Kidney 
Flu All brands (L) All manufacturers Chick embryos
Yellow Fever  YF-Vax (17D) (L) Pasteur Merieux Connaught Chick embryo
Japanese Encephalitis JE-Vax (L) Biken Osaka, Distributed by Connaught  Mouse derived 
Smallpox (L) Supplied by CDC 
For Laboratory Workers and Military
Calf Lymph

The following diseases are bacterial and are made on nutrient solutions and not on living cells . As no  fetal cells are used there is no ethical problem from a prolife point of veiw .( Whether all vaccines required for school entry are  medically advisable is debatable and not an issue I am covering in this site)
Whooping cough,tetanus,diptheria , bacterial meningitis, typhoid, tuberculosis and anthrax.
Influenza vaccines are usually  made on chicken cells although this is a viral disease.Hepatitis B
is grown on  yeast cells..

We are not sure  whether measles and mumps vaccines are available  throughout the USA although one contact in Kentucky has obtained these from Merck. I have written to Merck to confirm whether they will still supply these vaccines . Both are from chick cell lines. Please E mail me if you have any information on the the availability of these vaccines . Please say if you are writing from the USA and if you wish which state you are from.

State law regarding vaccination for school entry

Most US states require children to be vaccinated for kindergarten, school and college entry. However exemptions may exist for parents who have a conciencious objection. I will try to add details of the laws in states as I find out about them.

Informed Consent /German Measles Vaccine
( submitted by Christina Abel RN (Ret.)

In the state of Minnesota, children can go to school without being vaccinated. A notarized signature is all that is required to be in compliance with the 1980 Minnesota immunization law, M.S. 123.70 Subd. 3(d) and in 1989, for post-secondary students, M.S. 135A.14 Subd. 3(b).

Information on Rubella vaccine submitted by Christina Abel RN (Ret.)

Last updated August 22 2000


Japanese encephalitis and other travel diseases. Center for disease control yellow book.
All Pasteur Merieux Connaught Vaccines


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