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Scientific, Engineering and Mathematical Modelling Software

DGW Software Consultants LTD has been in business since 1996, providing software consultancy services, principally analysis, design and development of scientific, engineering and mathematical modelling software in a defence environment. We have also worked on computationally generated holograms and forensic genetics

Flexible software development

Sometimes you want one or more contractors to come and work alongside your own staff, as part of a team.

At other times you don't want to have to manage the software development, or have consultants working on your premises. You want to hand over a specification, or perhaps just a back-of-an-envelope requirement, and have a working system delivered, on time and within budget.

DGW Software can cater for either requirement.

Software Consultancy

DGW Software Consultants will provide the services of its principal consultant and director, to undertake any or all of

Work can be carried out both on our own premises or working with your own staff as part of a team, as required.

Gareth Williams has over 20 years experience of software development, including all stages of the software lifecycle, and a wide range of technologies including OOA/OOD, C/C++, Java, under Unix and Linux, and a wide range of UNIX and cross-platform shells and tools. He has developed  scientific,engineering and mathematical modelling software in environments including aerospace, defence and computational holography, and applications involving thermal analysis, two-phase fluid flow, optics, sensors, numerical methods and finite elements.

Bespoke Software Development

DGW Software will develop software to your specification. Depending on the nature of the project, this may be done for a fixed price, or on time and materials, or a combination to suit your needs. We will visit your premises for requirements capture, porting, testing, demonstrations and user feedback as necessary. The development will be done at out own premises, and won't take up your desks or parking-spaces.

Small projects (up to ~£4K)

For a small project, we will spend up to a day talking to you about your requirements, and provide a free requirements summary and a firm, fixed-price quotation.

Larger projects

For medium to large projects we suggest a phased approach. We will undertake a fixed-price requirements study (typically costing £1-4K), from which the deliverables will be requirements and/or design documents. On completion of the requirements phase we will quote for the next stage of the work. (And of course you may choose, using the documents provided, to complete the project in-house or with another supplier).


For larger projects, we may recommend that the requirements phase is followed by a prototyping phase. The deliverables from this phase are a demonstration system, to help with requirements and design issues, a detailed report and revised requirements and design documentation.


Depending on the size and nature of the project, it may be possible to quote a fixed price for the implementation phase, to agree to proceed on a time-and-materials basis, or to divide the development into packages using the iterative development model. Our goal is to make sure that your technical, budgetary and time constraints are reconciled.

Professional Contractors

DGW Software has access to the UK's most experienced independent software developers through the PCG Portal. If we don't know how to develop a particular system or part of a system, you can be sure we know a man (or woman) who does. DGW Software will take responsibility for delivery of the system and we will sub-contract aspects of the work as necessary.

Unix or Windows

Development can be carried out for any Windows or UNIX-type operating system. Development for a UNIX system will usually be done under Linux using GNU tools, and ported to your own hardware and environment at frequent intervals.


The following table gives details of our consultants and other employees. Nothing in this table forms part of any offer or contract.





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